Patient Testimonials

Long Term Results: 9 Years 2 Months – Chao Pinhole® – Caesar

LONG TERM RESULTS – 9 Years 7 Months INCREDIBLE Results of Chao Pinhole® Patient – Cynthia

Instant Smile Makeover with Pinhole®

Pinhole® Corrects Gum Recession

Full Mouth Done in One Visit with Pinhole®

Pinhole® Corrects Dark Triangle

Instantly Restored Gum-line and Veneers with Pinhole®

Instant Smile Makeover with Pinhole®

Pinhole® Corrects Furcation

Thickening of the Attached Gingiva, and Partial Papilla Regeneration | Chao Pinhole®

Chao Pinhole® Replaced Filling with Gum Tissue – Ignacio

10 Months Result – Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique – Sherry

Thickened attached gingiva on hopeless teeth by Chao Pinhole Surgical Tecnique

Crown Shortenig By Pinhole Surgical Technique

Smile Makeover 9-month visit

Next Day Results of Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique – Patient Brenda

Patient Interviw – Joey on Chao Pinchole Surgical Technique