Don’t Avoid Your Gums And Teeth! They Need Care Too!

Dental Clinics and Check-ups have become a fad these days. With Beauty Pageants in vogue these days, people are opting for Dental Check-ups as a pearly set of teeth, which one feels is a supplement to looking beautiful & presentable. The need for Dental Check-ups is enhanced by the fact that oral hygiene leads to good health and looks.

Enhancing facial beauty, which leads to an overall good-looking persona, is not limited to the entertainment industry; common people also indulge in it. People are especially taking the help of maxillofacial dentists cum specialists to get a touch-up done on their faces, to get tailor-made looks to enhance their beauty, at a great cost, the world over.

Due to unhealthy eating habits, people also get faults in their teeth and gums that lead to cavities and plagues. The Dental Receding Gum Treatment Alhambra, CA, is known for the best gum treatment provided to its customers.

What is dental receding gum treatment?

Gum recession is a form of gum disease that happens when your gum tissues get pulled away from your teeth, exposing the roots present underneath. This makes your teeth more vulnerable to cavities, and your teeth can become more sensitive. The plaques and tartar built up on the teeth and root surfaces below the gum line can cause it.

The Dental Receding Gum Treatment Alhambra, CA, can be referred to as Mild gum recession. The dentist treats with the help of deep cleaning the affected area. The procedure of deep cleaning is also called root planing or tooth scaling. It is done by removing the tooth or smoothing the exposed root area, making it difficult for bacteria to get attached. But sometimes, using antibiotics also helps to get rid of harmful bacteria. You can consult Dental Receding Gum Treatment Alhambra, CA, to help ease the suffering.

Causes of gum recession

There are numerous reasons for the recession of gums, but here are some of the major reasons:

  • Genetics

Some people develop gum and tooth disease from their parents or ancestors, which results in gum recession. As hereditary factors may challenge a person’s overall health including teeth health.

  • Tooth Brushing

Inadequate or failure to brush twice a day also results in cavities in our teeth. Proper and consistent brushing is very important to avoid these recessions.

  • Dental Care

In busy lives, people sometimes neglect dental hygiene, though it is the most important factor that needs to be taken care of. Regular brushing and dental checkups can avoid gum recessions.

If all these causes and factors are properly taken care of, people can avoid gum recessions, but if you are facing it, then contact Dental Receding Gum Treatment Alhambra, CA.


Want To Have Pearly White Teeth? Know How To Have It!

Everyone dreams of smiling wider and showcasing their teeth in the best possible way. But nowadays, unhealthy eating and drinking habits and improper dental care lead to poor oral health. Science has developed and modernized, leading to the invention of different technology and opting to make your smile more beautiful and better than before. The modern technique of Connective Tissue Graft Surgery in Alhambra is increasing in trend. Let’s know more about it.

What Is Connective Tissue Graft Surgery Alhambra?

The abbreviated word for connective graft surgery is CTG, a form of gum grafting technique used to treat gum recessionThis technique has the best outcomes as the graft is placed underneath the existing gum. It is usually done by taking tissue from behind the upper teeth present on the roof of the mouth. It can be used alone or with regenerative biologics such as platelet-rich fibrin and amelogenin protein. You can have the Connective Tissue Graft Surgery Alhambra, which can help in your gum recession process and help you to cope with it.

Recovery procedures for the treatment!

The dentist may add certain sedatives to minimize your pain and give specific instructions regarding postoperative care, such as physical activity, diet, and medications. They may address not flossing or brushing the gum line until it is healed properly. You will also be asked to rinse your mouth with a special mouth wash that might help to control plaque during the healing process.  You may be prescribed an antibiotic to reduce the risk of infection and recover from the procedure.

The pain will depend on the type of gum graft performed during the surgery. If tissue is removed during the grafting, it may lead to certain pain and discomfort.  If there is no removal of tissue, it won’t lead to any pain or discomfort. The given amount of antibiotics will also help to ease your pain.

Pinhole Surgery

In the modernized world, technological advancement has added to medical science hugely. The Pinhole surgical techniques for Connective Tissue Graft Surgery in Alhambra have involved a potential concept. Unlike gum grafting, The Pinhole Surgery Technique is minimally invasive, making it a more comfortable option.

Gum recession is traditionally treated using a connective tissue graft (CTG), which tries to pluck up gum tissue from the roof of the mouth and then sutures it to the affected area. Connective tissue grafts have a longer recovery than the Pinhole surgery technique. Moreover, Pinhole techniques require a needle to make a small hole in your gum and add collagen material to stabilize the gum recession.

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